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2023 Coherence Index

In a global context affected by numerous crises, the Coherence Index (Indico) provides a new perspective to guide the urgent transformations of our time. It is built upon two main pillars. First the transitions represent the major changes that public policies coherent with sustainable development need to address. The transitions compound four aggregate concepts: democratic, feminist, socioeconomic and ecological.
Second, the planetary pressure pillar measures the ecological impact and pressure that countries exert on the planet. This interactive map shows the results obtained by countries in each of the transitions and the sum total of the four, as well as the degree of planetary pressure that each country exerts on the planet. The result, a reflection of all of these different concepts, is the Indico score used to depict a world map quite different from the one we are used to seeing.


Transformative public policies require a feminist perspective

Liz Melendez, Flora Tristán Peruvian Women’s Centre

Too many guns and too little butter

By Jordi Calvo, Dèlas Centre

Universal public services: the power of decommodifying survival

By Jason Hickel, Social and Cultural Anthropology Department, Autonomous University of Barcelona

The imperative paradigm shift

The coherence index intends to change the way we see things in order to change the world.

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