2019 Report

informe 2019The Policy Coherence for Sustainable Development Index (PCSDI) is a tool that measures, evaluates and compares countries’ commitments to sustainable, fair and equitable development.

In this report, 2019 PCSDI: The unpostponable way forward, we offer a complete analysis of the second edition of the PCSDI where we evaluate the behaviour of 148 countries and their commitment to a transformative development model..

Executive Summary

summaryThe executive summary outlines the main elements for analysis as well as the findings of the 2019 PCSDI Report: The unpostponable way forward.

The tool

the tool

This chapter explains how the 2019 PCSDI is designed, the approaches underpinning it, its structure, and the variables comprising it.

2019 PCSDI findings

2-FindingsThis chapter presents an overall analysis of the main 2019 PCSDI findings.

In depth

3-in deptgThis chapter analyses the 2019 PCSDI findings by component (economic, social, global, environmental and productive) thus bringing to light contradictions within each country’s development model and the dimensions where coherence shows the most room for improvement.

Constructing the PCSDI

4-constructing the pcsdThis chapter summarizes the most significant facets of the construction of the 2019 PCSDI and highlights the main changes vis-á-vis the 2016 PCDI.

The importance of measuring the PCSD for the 2030 Agenda

5_the importanceThis chapter explains how the PCSDI can constitute a transformative initiative to measure country performance on the challenges posed by global agendas such as the 2030 Agenda.

PCSD as a means of analysing development

6_policy coherenceThis chapter delves into the index’s PCSD approach, hinging around three basic elements: the ecological sustainability of development, a feminist approach, and society’s democratizing dimension.

The PCSDI and other ways of measuring development

7_other waysThis chapter analyses the main complementarities and differences between the PCSDI and other measurement tools such as the Human Development Index (HDI) and the SDG Index.

The data

8_Appendix Variables and sourcesThe sources from which the data of each of the variables that make up the ICPDS have been obtained are detailed below..

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