Indico 2023
Planetary pressures

Transición - Democratic
Dimensión - Civil society and transparency
Civicus Monitor
Open government index
Dimensión - Political commitment to human rights and justice
Abolition of the death penalty
Ratification of UN Human Rights treaties
Ratification of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court
Ratification of Fundamental ILO Conventions
Participation in international weapons treaties and conventions
Women’s access to justice
Existence of an action plan to implement Resolution UNSCR 1325
Dimensión - Militarization
Military spending (% GDP)
Nuclear and heavy weapons capabilities
Exports and imports of the main conventional weapons (TIV million constant dollars per 100,000 inhabitants)
Transición - Feminist
Dimensión - Legal and regulatory framework
Ratification of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) and its optional protocol
Legislation on violence against women
Abortion legislation
Legislation on sexual orientation
Legal recognition of LGTBI families
The law requires equal pay for women and men for work of equal value
Ratification of the Domestic Workers Convention, 2011 (C-189)
Women and men have equal legal rights and opportunities in the workplace
Women and men have equal rights as citizens and the ability to exercise those rights
Dimensión - Social situation of women
Percentage of women who have suffered physical or sexual violence at the hands of their partner
Average number of years of education (women)
Percentage of population with at least a secondary education (women)
Maternal mortality rate
Adolescent birth rate
Dimensión - Political participation
Seats occupied by women in National Parliaments (%)
Women in ministerial positions (%)
Dimensión - Gender gaps
Gender gap in labour force participation rates (% men -% women)
Account holders in financial institutions or mobile money service providers (% male-%female)
Average years of education: Difference between men and women (%)
Transición - Socio-economic
Dimensión - Social situation
Completion rate of upper secondary education
Healthy life expectancy at birth (years)
Number of physicians per 10,000 inhabitants
Population exposed to levels exceeding WHO reference value for PM2.5 (%)
Public spending on social protection (% GDP)
Population covered by at least one social protection benefit (%)
Dimensión - Employment
Unemployment rate
Vulnerable employment (% of total employment)
Dimensión - Taxation
Government revenue (% GDP)
Variation rate of the Gini Index before and after taxes and transfers (%)
Financial Secrecy Index
Dimensión - Basic services
Access to electricity (% of population)
Internet users (per 100 people)
Improved water sources, rural sector (% of the population with access)
Dimensión - Inequality
Palma Index
Transición - Ecological
Dimensión - Ecological
Participation in international agreements on the environment
Terrestrial and marine protected areas (% of total area)
Water stress level: Freshwater extraction as a proportion of available freshwater resources
Electricity generation using renewables (excluding hydropower)
Planetary pressures
Dimensión - Planetary pressures
Material Footprint per Capita (Consumption)
Carbon dioxide emissions in terms of consumption (metric tonnes per person)

Note: The values reflected correspond to the normalized scores for each indicator. Learn more about how the Coherence Index is constructed in this link

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