ICPD Report 2016. Grow in another way

The Policy Coherence for Development Index (PCDI) is a tool designed to measure, evaluate and compare the behaviour of countries in terms of their sustainable, fair and equitable human development. We propose an alternative to the limited, hegemonic view of the indicators typically used to measure progress and development, especially gross domestic product (GDP).
In this report, 2016 PCDI: Another way to grow, we offer a complete analysis of the first edition of the PCDI where we evaluate the performance of 133 countries and their commitment to a transformative development model.
Martínez-Osés, P., Gil-Payno, M. L., Martínez, I., Millán Acevedo, M. N., Yamilet Ospina, S., Medina Mateos, J., García, H. (2016). ICPD Report 2016. Grow in another way. Plataforma 2015 y más.

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