ICPDS Report 2019. Grow in another way

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Authors: Mª Luisa Gil Payno, Pablo José Martínez Osés, José Medina Mateos

Publication date: 2019
The Policy Coherence Index for Sustainable Development (ICPDS) is a tool created to measure, evaluate and compare the behavior of countries with sustainable, fair and equitable human development. In this report, ICPDS 2019: The unplayable change, we offer a complete analysis of the second edition of ICPDS, in which we evaluate the behavior of 148 countries and their commitment to a transformative development model.

Martínez-Osés, P., Martínez, I., Medina Mateos, J., Gil-Payno, M. L. (2019). ICPDS Report 2019. The change cannot be postponed. Platform 2015 and more. Coordinator of Development Cooperation Organizations

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