The devilish correlation in the European Union

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Author: José Medina Mateos

Publication date: 2024

There is growing evidence that the European development model is depleted. The devilish correlation refers to the fact that, in the European Union, progress in the four transitions (ecological, socio-economic, democratic and feminist) has historically led to increased planetary pressures, until reaching the current point where the sustainability of life is at risk.

Countries with better results in the transitions, such as Luxembourg, Finland, Ireland or Sweden, tend to have worse planetary impacts scores. In turn, countries with lower ecological impacts, such as Hungary, Bulgaria or Romania, tend to perform worse on transitions. This contradiction raises the question of whether the European development model is compatible with the sustainable development of the planet.

This is the unavoidable question for the European Union: showing that it is possible to live better, with prosperity and rights, without condemning the entire planet to unsustainability and injustice.

You can download the study here (PDF).

You cand download the executive summary here (PDF).

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