The Policy Coherence for Development Index: measuring the 2030 Agenda based on policy coherence for development

Pablo José Martínez Osés. Colectivo La Mundial

María Luisa Gil Payno. Economistas sin Fronteras and Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia

Publication date: 2017

This article presents the Policy Coherence for Development Index (ICPD) which, overall, constitutes a framework for understanding and interpreting challenges posed by the 2030 Agenda and the public policy that tacking it will require. It also stands as an ambitious monitoring system evaluating country compliance with a policy coherence for development perspective.

The article first explains how the 2030 Agenda requires a new conceptual device and tool that consolidates a new narrative of development-related challenges based on universality, comprehensiveness and multidimensionality, incorporating the global interdependencies and interconnections that characterize today’s world. This allows both progress and regression on the internationally agreed sustainable development goals and targets to be rigorously measured.

Martínez-Osés, P. J., Gil-Payno, M.L. (2017). “El índice de Coherencia de Políticas para el Desarrollo: midiendo la Agenda 2030 desde la Coherencia de Políticas para el Desarrollo”. Iberoamerican Journal of Development Studies, 6 (1): 102-127. E-resource:

Issues: Policy coherence for sustainable development, measuring development, 2030 Agenda, Sustainable Development Goals, indicators.

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